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Dumpster Rental Service FAQ

Q.  How do I order a Dumpster?

     A.  Call Debby at 847-526-7643, she will help to determine the proper size dumpster needed for your project.  You will need the delivery address, with a brief description of the property, where you would like the dumpster placed, your name, contact information and a method of payment.

Q.  Do I get a discount if I return the Dumpster before my rental period expires?

     A.  No, the price is the same whether you have it 2 minutes or entrie rental perod but you don't have to keep it the entire time, call or email when done.

Q. How do I open the gate on the Dumpster?

     A.    1. Unhook the safety chain.

             2. Pull out the pin.

             3. Swing away the safety chain.

             4. Jerk gate open.

Q.  How do I pay for the Dumpster?

     A.  When you place the order, we will take your credit or debit card number and charge the card on the business day prior to the delivery.  We accept Visa, Master card, Discover and American Express.  The credit card will be charged the business day prior to delivery & a receipt emailed.

Q.   Do I need a permit for the Dumpster?

       A.  Most towns do not require a permit for a Dumpster to be in your driveway, however some do. It's best to check with your towns administration to check if a permit is required. Customers are responsible for any permits.

Q.  Do I have to be home at the time of the delivery of the Dumpster?

     A.  No, you do not have to be on site.  When you place the order we will ask specific placement instructions for the dumpster.  If you would like to be there, we can call you when our driver is in route to your location.

Q.  Do I have to be there for the removal of the Dumpster?

     A.  No, please make sure the dumpster is not blocked by any vehicles or debris.

Q.  Does the trash have to be in bags?

     A.  No, we will put a cloth tarp on the dumpster to prevent any loose papers from flying out.

​Q.  How should I load the dumpster properly?

     A.  Load the dumpster evenly.  Do not overload the dumpster.  Do not build up the sides of the dumpster.  Load only to the top of the dumpster.  Do not have items hanging over the sides, or sticking out of the dumpster.

Q.  How can I load the heavy items into the Dumpster?

     A.  Our dumpsters have a gate on the end of the dumpster that is facing your home.  This gate can be swung open and lay back against the side of the dumpster to allow you to walk into the dumpster for easy loading.  No need to try to heave things up and over the side of the dumpster!

Q.  Do I have to keep the dumpster for the entire rental time?

​     A.  No, we ask you to call or email when you are finished with the dumpster. 

Q.  What cannot go into the Dumpster?

     A.  Click on Prohibited Items ​tab for full list of restricted items. If you still have a question, feel free to give Debby a call in the office. 

Q.  Do I have to put wood down on my driveway?

     A.  We suggest you put wood down if you are putting  heavy debris into the dumpster.  It does not have to cover the entire length of the dumpster, just the four corners of the dumpster.  We are not responsible for driveway damage.

Q.  What happens if it rains?

     A.  The dumpster is not water tight and usually during the process of loading, you will have the gate of the dumpster open.  When we remove the dumpster if there is water sitting in the dumpster it will run out during the process of putting it up onto the truck.