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Some Palatine, IL History:

Palatine, Illinois, located in Cook County, has a rich history that dates back to its early settlement in the mid-19th century. Originally inhabited by Potawatomi Native Americans, European settlers began arriving in the area around the 1830s. German and Scandinavian immigrants played a significant role in shaping the community, bringing with them their cultural traditions and work ethic, particularly in agriculture and dairy farming.

The village of Palatine was formally incorporated in 1866, marking a pivotal point in its development. Throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Palatine continued to grow steadily as a rural farming community, bolstered by the establishment of railroads and the growth of local businesses.

The mid-20th century brought suburbanization to Palatine, as it did to many areas surrounding Chicago. This period saw a surge in residential development and population growth, transforming Palatine into a suburban residential community while still retaining elements of its agricultural past.

Today, Palatine is known for its diverse population, vibrant community spirit, and strong local economy. It offers a blend of residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and recreational spaces. The village maintains a commitment to preserving its history through initiatives such as the preservation of historic buildings and landmarks.

Palatine's history reflects the broader trends of suburban development in the United States, from its agricultural roots to its present-day identity as a dynamic suburban community with a rich cultural heritage.

​The Village of Palatine has a population of 68,766 and is the 7th largest community in Cook County and the 18th largest in Illinois. It was founded in 1866 and built around the new Chicago and North Western Railway. In 1911 a railroad was built connecting Palatine, Lake Zurich and Wauconda,it then closed in 1924 due to financial trouble and improvements of the roads. The Clayson House which is the current home of the Palatine Historical Society was a home built in 1873 by George Clayson. I'm sure the founder of Palatine, Joel Wood, would enjoy seeing how far Palatine has come!

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​Why use ARS Dumpster rental PALATINE?

Our family has been proudly servicing the Palatine, IL area since 1989!  In those years we have added customers steadily through sound service and professional practice.  We are a family owned and operated roll off dumpster rental service and a member of the Palatine Area Chamber of Commerce. Our dispatcher Debby will guide you through our simple ordering process. ARS Dumpster Rental Service in Palatine, IL does not use an automated telephone system, save time call directly to Debby!  She can help you assess your dumpster rental needs enabling you to order the correct size roll off dumpster rental size for your specific needs. Call her today for roll off dumpster rental prices and order today!

Check out the various dumpster sizes available for your project needs.

Tips for Dumpster Loading:

Loading dumpsters efficiently requires careful planning and execution to maximize space utilization and ensure safety. Whether you're cleaning out a home, managing a construction site, or handling waste from a large event, following these tips can streamline the process and optimize the use of your dumpster: Sort and Organize: Before loading anything into the dumpster, categorize items into recyclables, hazardous materials, and general waste. This not only helps in complying with disposal regulations but also allows for better organization when loading. Heavy to Light: Start by loading heavier items first. This includes furniture, appliances, and large pieces of debris. Break Down Items: Disassemble bulky items whenever possible to save space. For instance, remove legs from tables, dismantle bed frames, and separate parts of large appliances. Flatten cardboard boxes and crush containers to create more room. Fill Gaps: As you load items, fill any gaps or voids with smaller items or debris. This ensures that no space is wasted and helps to stabilize the load.

ARS DUMPSTER RENTAL PALATINE is not a dumpster broker.

A dumpster broker is a middle man between you and your dumpster order.  This will slow the ordering process and drive up the cost of the dumpster rental.  A dumpster broker makes their money by adding a fee to the price of a box rental. Call ARS Dumpster Rental Palatine the actual local hauler to deliver your dumpster!

                                        Support Local Family Business!

ARS Dumpster Rental Palatine cares about Recycling​, we haul all debris collected to recycle transfer stations with an average of over 75% recycle rates! You don't need to sort anything in the dumpster and can rely that anything that's recyclable will be recycled! Think Green!

Residential & Commercial Dumpster Rental in PALATINE

Dumpsters can be placed anywhere on your property that our trucks have access to. These trucks are heavy, so it is not advised to put on your lawn unless you're preforming a major renovation. There are many uses for a Palatine Dumpster rental.

                                                     Remodeling projects

                                                     New construction

                                                     Estate Clean out

                                                     Renters Trash 



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